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Partner in the Spotlight

Ciqurix Partner: AVE Global

Tell us a bit about your company and what you offer your customers

AVE Global is a worldwide leader in providing video surveillance products and solutions to the security industry in Ireland, UK and America.

How long have you worked with Ciqurix for?

We started working with Ciqurix as a partner in September 2018.

What Ciqurix products do you stock and sell?

We offer the whole FCAM series (including the FCAM Solo, FCAM X and FCAM EX) to our customers in Ireland and UK.

What feedback have you had from your customers?

Customers are happy with the FCAM products they’ve purchased - the systems are reliable and Ciqurix provide a speedy service.

The training and demonstration sessions from the Ciqurix team have also been positively received.

Why do you like working with Ciqurix?

We enjoy working with the Ciqurix team. They have a good understanding of how we work, our goals for the future and our training needs.

What do you and Ciqurix have planned for the future?

We currently stock and sell Ciqurix products to our customers in Ireland and the UK. We’re looking forward to expanding this to America in the future.



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