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Tougher Fire Detection



2 lens

dual-lens technology


average time to detect 


max detection range

FCamEX™ is our revolutionary fire detecting camera built into an ATEX certified housing, and is therefore suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.


The same innovative early warning technology is used in the FCamEX as in the FCamX™, including the cutting-edge infrared camera that cuts down detection time and virtually wipes out false alarms.

An innovative new safety solution for oil and gas facilities.  

Our revolutionary new technology makes FCamEX™ the perfect solution for fire detection, prevention and protection for the oil and gas industry.


In the oil and gas industry, fires are catastrophic – dangerous to people, environmentally damaging and economically disastrous – meaning that a high-quality, accurate and fast fire detection system is crucial.


FCamEx’s combination of the technology used in the FCamX™ with a ATEX certified housing means that the industry finally has access to the perfect future-proofed fire safety solution.



FCamEX™ is already at work in several large facilities, FCamEX can provide oil and gas companies with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected by the most accurate and reliable fire safety camera ever produced.

Ciqurix: Considered by many as the best early warning fire detection solution on the market.



It is in the accuracy of the reading and the lack of false alarms that FCamEX™ really excels. Heat detection systems can be made to give a false reading by almost any heat-producing equipment – aero-engines, pipes, generators etc – or by random excessive movements or lights – flashing beacons, vehicle lights, moving parts etc.

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