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a revolution in fire safety and security technology
What is FCam™?

Representing a revolution in safety technology, our FCam™ system packages a traditional IP security camera with groundbreaking new fire detection technology to create the world’s most accurate, versatile and reliable fire detection system. 


In case of a fire, both digital based analytics and the infrared (IR) sensors combine with in-built patented algorithms to confirm the presence of flame, and then send an alarm within seconds.


The combination of IR and digital makes the FCam system exceptionally reliable, virtually cutting out false alarms.


Fires are detected and reported within seconds of them breaking out, slashing emergency response times and increasing the safety of people and property.

Why FCam™?


The FCam series can detect multiple semi-concealed fires.


The FCam series can detect a flame at up to 180 metres.


Seamless integration. No costly overhauls needed and can easily replace existing CCTV system.


Detection of even the smallest flame in just seconds.


Detection of fire both indoors and outdoors.


Protect areas of sites and facilities that previously with conventional methods were thought impossible.

Viewing FCam


Live digital video feed from FCam™ - this feed would be monitored via chosen VMS platform. 


2 x Semi-concealed 30 cm pan fires shown, detected at 85 metres distance.


Co-ordinates displayed show the exact location of the fire within the monitored feed.


Superior and immediate  detection in all environments and conditions. 


Black and white crosshairs flashes showing the exact location of the fires, triggering various alarms and notifications setup. Both fires detected in under 6 seconds.

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