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FCamX™ is a revolutionary new safety technology that combines innovative fire detection and surveillance in one IP based system, allowing it to reliably recognise multiple semi-concealed fires in under 12 seconds. FCamX can detect flame both outdoors and indoors at up to 180 metres, in all environments, weather conditions and light levels, including complete darkness, making previously unprotectable areas safe and secure.

Protecting the Unprotected 

Our cutting-edge technology allows businesses and facilities to be protected like never before. FCamX™ can protect areas that are currently impossible to cover with any conventional fire detection systems. 


The FCamX provides unprecedented levels of safety and security for facilities and, crucially, for clients, visitors and staff.

Welcome to a revolution. Welcome to FCamX.



Cameras that detect heat are nothing new, but all of the fire detection technology on the market today relies upon thermal imaging. FCamX™ relies on the far more accurate infrared (IR) signature, a readable amount of which is produced instantly by a nascent fire – unlike the thermal signature. A filter allows IR light pass through instead of visible light, rendering detection extremely quick and almost wiping out false alarms.



It is in the accuracy of the reading and the lack of false alarms that FCamX™ really excels. Heat detection systems can be made to give a false reading by almost any heat-producing equipment – aero-engines, pipes, generators etc – or by random excessive movements or lights – flashing beacons, vehicle lights, moving parts etc. By using the IR signature to confirm the presence of a flame, FCamX™ cuts out these unnecessary alarms, making your fire response quicker, more accurate and more efficient.

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