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Ciqurix: Building A Modern Company

At Ciqurix, we’re dedicated to not only creating the ultimate in fire detection and protecting both people and businesses from the threat of fire – but also to create a company that’s different from the norm and truly reflects modern culture.

Our CEO James Boyd has answered some questions about Ciqurix, its values and plans for the future.

What inspired you to set up Ciqurix?

We wanted to make a real change to the way in which we go about protecting businesses and people from the threat of fire. It’s all about creating the ultimate in fire detection to forge the safest possible environment to both live and work in.

We’d had enough of seeing outdated and low-tech fire solutions cost lives and cause devastation for businesses. Many buildings are now built for the future, so should use the future of fire detection, not the past.

We know that the technology can make the difference, and everyone involved is always looking to create even better solutions, which is very inspiring.

How do you want Ciqurix to be different and reflect modern culture?

Since we set up the company, we’ve always put our people first. We don’t use outdated business practices such as time keeping etc. Instead, we provide our staff with a relaxed working environment and benefits such as unlimited holiday.

Also, we listen.

I really believe that listening to your staff and making sure you do your absolute best for them means the business can get the absolute best out of them.

We very much live by Steve Jobs mantra of ‘we don’t hire successful people and tell them what to do, we hire successful people, so they can tell us what to do’.

What other companies do you draw inspiration from?

Companies such as Tesla are really inspirational to us.

They too are trying to change the way in which something so widespread and normal is being done. We have driven fossil fuel powered cars for decades and they want to change this in a relatively short time – similarly to how we want to change the way fire is detected.

For years now (since 60s-70s), we have ‘smelt’ fire using smoke detectors, heat detectors, beams and aspirators.

At Ciqurix, we believe the future is to see fire; at the earliest possible stage and to be alerted to it in the shortest time frame possible.

How would you describe the Ciqurix company culture?

A few words that spring to mind are: relaxed, trusting, inspiring, empowering and driven.

We are driven to succeed and to see our mission of making the future of fire detection wide spread and adoptable. Ultimately, we want to make the world a safer place.

We respect all our employees and do all we can to make their time working for us as best as possible.

What do your team say about working at Ciqurix?

We’ve got an amazing team and they’ve given us some great feedback.

“Cool place to work”

“Enjoy being treated like adults”

“Part of the future of an industry changing product”

“Being involved with such an inspirational product”

“Being involved with a product makes a difference”

What’s your vision for Ciqurix in the future?

Our goal is for our products to become industry standard and continue to make a real difference to the future of global safety and security.

We will be adding new products to our existing product offering, building the company further and taking on new markets across the globe.

We’re excited about the future for Ciqurix!

To find out more about the FCAM Series and how you can get in touch with the team click here.



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