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The Dogs of Ciqurix Pt 2

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Earlier this year we published a blog post about the Dogs of Ciqurix. Many of our staff have dogs and if you pay us a visit, it's not uncommon to find them in the office (dogs and staff that is!). We thought we'd do another blog post telling you a bit more about the characters of our four legged friends.


Job Title - Master of disaster

Bear is a valuable member of the team. His duties include testing the robustness of our boxes and ensuring the entire team are kept on their toes. Bear takes the role of patrolling the perimeter of the office very seriously. No squirrel, leaf or strong gust of wind will enter the vicinity without his knowledge.

dog, Ciqurix, FCam
Introducing Bear, the Master of Disaster


Job Title - Dress Code Enforcement

It doesn't matter what race, gender, age, orientation or even species you are, if you show bare skin in the office then Wispa will lick it. He doesn't discriminate. In the absence of bare skin, Wispa practices on inanimate objects, furniture, carpet and walls. In between duties, Wispa can be found propping up the nearest skirting board (another essential job)

Labrador, Labrador dog, fire proection
Wispa will enforce the dress code in a way that only a cute-looking dog could.


Job Title – Chief Morale Officer

You will be cheerful at work or Bluey will know the reason why! Other duties include, attending to any fabrics that don’t have paw prints on them.

Staffordshire, Staffy, fire protection system, fire warning cameras
Bluey will cheer you up, but best not to wear your best Laura Ashley when he's around.


Job Title - Director of Nutrition and Food Control

Mollie's main role is to hunt down all miscellaneous locations for secret snacks and foodstuffs and confiscate it in the interest of supporting the Ciqurix Wellbeing Strategy. She does this by following a few simple steps:

1. Through her powers of observation and smell she will learn who keeps what food in which drawer and indeed, who has what for lunch.

2. She will silently position herself by your desk and stare at you until you get the message. If you choose to ignore this tactic, she will employ step 3...

3. Rubbing her nose on the underside of your elbow in an effort to get your attention.

It is important to be aware that any love or affection she showers upon you is, in fact, purely to manipulate you into giving up your food. Do not underestimate the patience of this dog. She's going nowhere


Job Title - Chief of Security

Skye's role is to keep the Ciqurix unit safe from intruders, strangers, and also some people she's met before briefly but forgotten about. She does this by barking at all the aforementioned until she decides they are trustworthy. This may take several days.

Once you have passed this initiation test however, you can expect a lot of love, genuine affection (unlike her Mother) and requests for belly worth sticking out!

dogs. goggies, Labrador, labradors, fire detection, fire detection service, Ciqurix
Mollie and Skye: A dynamic due who will ensure you safe and don't eat too much junk.


Job Title - Mistress of being a ratbag

Lilly believes that all dogs that are in the office are purely so she can play with them, she will go to any lengths to entice play, be it from mouthing ears to blatant barking! Lilly does understand that we are here to work and it's not all about the fun - however cheeky that she is, persistence is her middle name!

Lilly uses her height advantage to peruse the contents of all desks and meeting room tables to offer her assistance in consuming anything that looks likely edible - even though she gets a carrot for lunch of her own, which she shares with no one!

Lilly is a sweet soul and enjoys all human attention, and so that it's clear that she approves - she leans against legs to allow you to fuss her better, which is OK if you wear white trousers, however anything other than this gets left with a fine layer of white fur which is just a little treat for the hoomans!

Dog lying down.
Lilly the whippet. Either wear white trousers to our office or bring a lint and remover.



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