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The Ciqurix Story

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to the first blog post on our new Ciqurix blog! Here you’ll find blog posts on what’s going on here at Ciqurix with our products and the team as well as information on security and fire industry topics and news. We can’t wait to get started!

As this is our first post, we wanted to share with you a bit more information about who we are and what we’re up to with our security and fire detection products…

Ciqurix was founded 12 years ago (formally SpotFire) by Alan Boyd and was founded on the principles of using CCTV cameras to detect fire. We wanted to create a fire detection solution that was effective and integrated seamlessly into existing security technology. After initial success in Asia and establishing our Asia-Pacific office in Singapore, we now have a base of distributors across the globe and a range of clients from small to some of the biggest corporations on earth - and we’re just getting started! We’re now based out of two main locations our European HQ near Exeter, UK, and our International office in Singapore.

Meet the team...

(from top left to bottom right) James Boyd (CEO), Paul Seligman (COO), Matt Bates (Head of Product and Engineering), David Larbalestier (Head of Software)

Our team are innovative, dynamic and forward looking. At Ciqurix, we value strong working relationships that lead to positive collaborations and so we only use one distribution partner within a region.

We’re passionate about designing revolutionary technologies and shaking the security industry to make the world safer. At the heart of all our products is the inspiration to save lives, protect businesses, improve technology within the security industry and make sure that the technology is accessible. For us, simplicity is key. We make sure that the same solutions can be used indoors or outside, over limited or extended range, requiring no complex integration.

To find out more about our Ciqurix FCAM™ range click here.

To get in touch with the team click here for more information or a personal demo click here.

Follow us on Twitter for our latest news and to find out about future blog posts soon!



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