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the case studies: sawmills

We’re excited to share with you one of our most recent case studies working at the Sawmills with Glendale Alarms.

Glendale Alarms, based in central Scotland, have nearly thirty years’ experience in the security industry installing fire systems, alarms and cameras.

In 2018, we started to work with their team on their Sawmills factory project where they were looking for an effective video fire detection system that would work in a challenging factory environment.

Glendale Alarms needed a fire detection system that would successfully cover a large area with both indoor and outdoor spaces, detect flames quickly but not set off false alarms.

Factories can generate a lot of dust, so they didn’t want this environment to cause unnecessary false alarms which could cause a lot of disruption if the factory needs to be shut down when the fire system is activated.

The Ciqurix team has been working with Glendale Alarms to install approx. 22 of our FCAM Series cameras. They used a combination of FCAM Solo's and FCAMX’s to ensure that all areas were covered with the FCAM Solo used for the dusty indoors environment and the FCAMX used for the outdoor environment.

Watch our case study video to hear from Glendale Alarms themselves how the project went and why they would recommend working with our Ciqurix team!



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