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Norwegian News: Ciqurix and the UNESCO site at Bryggen, Bergen

It’s been great to see our FCAM range being featured on the national Norsk Rikskastring evening news in Norway!

During this news segment, the head of the fire service talks about our FCAM system and what how it is now an integral part of their kit to protect the site from potential fires.

Bryggen was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 after recovering from a major fire in the 1950’s. Our FCAM range was installed at the Bryggen site in Bergen back in 2018 and we received great feedback after the installation:

‘The feedback after your support in Bergen from our two technicians was great!’

To view the story, click here and watch from 29 minutes in.

To find out more about the FCam range and to book your free personal demo click here.



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