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Meet The Ciqurix Company Dogs

We're big dog lovers here at Ciqurix, so much so that we have a dog-friendly office.

If you ever pop in and see us, please feel free to say hello to our four-legged friends (treats are always welcome!).  

Here’s who you’d be likely to meet...

Wispa - Belongs to Matt (Head of Product and Engineering)


Breed: Labrador

Likes: Eating seaweed, sleeping on the sofa, treats, and his favourite thing in the world is a manky beanie-baby "catty" which he's had since puppyhood and carries proudly around everywhere.

Dislikes: Water (he can't, or won’t, swim even though he's a Labrador), baths and rain.

Mollie and Skye - Belong to Karen (Office Manager)

Mollie and Skye


Breed: Labrador

Likes: Food, the beach and working as a gundog. 

Dislikes: Baths and having her claws clipped.


Breed: Labrador

Likes: Food, even more than her Mum does! Having her belly rubbed, playing with Mollie and chewing kitchen cabinets and Jake's wooden toys. 

Bear - Belongs to James (CEO)


Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Likes: Ball, ball, and more ball. Forests, big walks, chasing birds (in fact chasing anything), whining, being nosy, swimming, cheese, snow, barking at strangers and winding up Mollie and Wispa.

Dislikes: Being moved off the sofa, not being allowed to sleep on the bed, sitting still and rain.  



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