The Relay Module

FCam I/O Module




volt-free relay contacts

opto-coupled inputs

no limit to number of I/O modules per system

The FCam I/O Module has four outputs and four inputs. Used in
conjunction with the FCam Controller, this allows communication of alarm and fault events to the outside world, and also remote reset of FCam alarms.


Each input and output is fully programmable, and each can be set to work with one, some, or all FCams on the network.

The FCam I/O Module is typically used to communicate with an NVR or VMS, but can also be used to trigger a fire panel, remote communicator, alarm sounder, etc.

Protecting the Unprotected 

Our cutting-edge technology allows businesses and facilities to be protected like never before. The FCam™ Series can protect areas that are currently impossible to cover with any conventional fire detection systems. 


The FCam Series provides unprecedented levels of safety and security for facilities and - crucially - for clients, visitors and staff.